Have you helped a child get to his little league game, or help a family buy its groceries, or helped a student pay for tuition? You could help people in these and many other ways simply by supporting a local business. And supporting a local business has many other advantages too!

Love Lincoln

While there will be a temptation to visit big national retailers, here are a few reasons to support a local business in Lincoln

  1. Strengthen Local Economy!
    A recent study found that 68% of the money spent at a local business stayed within the city compared to 43% of the money spent at a national retailer. A significant portion of the money spent at a local business is used to make purchases from other local businesses and services. This chain continues to strengthen the economic base of the local community.

  2. Sense of Belongingness
    Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors. They recognize you and are happy to give you personalized service that you will not find in big retailers. The local businesses are working together to build stronger communities by sustaining the local culture and contributing to local causes. Supporting these businesses will give you an unmatched sense of belongingness.

  3. Inspiring others
    Local businesses are a product of a dream. By supporting this dream you are encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in others. Children will see how local businesses have prospered and will be inspired to start their own business someday.

Local businesses may not always be an easy or convenient option over big retailers, however it is a good idea to think local first to support the local economy. So next time you are stepping out for brunch try visiting your local deli and see what is on their menu. Or if there is a leak at your home, try calling your local plumber. You may discover some amazing products or services by going local while helping build a strong and successful community.

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